The Village Pharmacy in the heart of Church-Wellesley Village is Toronto’s best HIV specialty pharmacy. We offer specialized care for people who are HIV positive, and those on PrEP or PEP. You’ll get expert advice that’s caring and confidential. We make sure your meds are ready when you need them. You’ll get expert counselling, drug plan assistance and we even deliver HIV meds for free, Ontario-wide. Since 2001, we’ve built a reputation for compassionate and professional care. We’re a full-service pharmacy in the heart of the Village you can trust.

All HIV Meds Always in Stock

Because we specialize in HIV, The Village Pharmacy always all HIV medications approved by Health Canada in stock. These medications are expensive so your local pharmacy may not keep them in stock all the time. You can trust that we’ll have your meds when you need them.

You’ll also get super-convenient service at The Village Pharmacy.  No long waits! Once you request your prescription refills, they will be waiting for you when you come in to pick them up. We can also deliver HIV meds anywhere in Ontario, free of charge, to save you time.

Specialized HIV Knowledge and Advice

Many HIV medicines interact with other drugs, herbal and vitamin products, and some foods. At The Village Pharmacy, we provide counselling on HIV medication interactions. We will advise you on what to avoid as well as when and how to take your medicine to optimize your health. We recommend a MedsCheck if you have more than 3 prescriptions and/or are taking supplements. Also ask us about medication management tools if you are on 3 or more medications. Email or call us with any questions.

Drug Plan Assistance

The Village Pharmacy recognizes the financial challenges of living with HIV and accessing HIV medications. If you need help paying for your medications, Zahid, Pharmacist-Owner, can tap into co-pay assistance from Pharmaceutical companies, funds from Aids Service Organizations, and Government programs to make sure that anyone who needs HIV medications in Ontario can access to them. Get in touch, we can help.

We accept all drug plans offered in Ontario. This includes private insurers such as SunLife and Great West Life, as well as government plans such as Trillium, Ontario Drug Benefit for Seniors, and ODSP.


Given the nature of our specialty practice and the need for client confidentiality, we understand the need for discreet service, and take it seriously.  You can always expect professional and confidential service at The Village Pharmacy.

The Village Pharmacy will not sell client information to any other person or other entity. We only use personal information to fulfill a prescription request or answer your health questions. Our data files are only kept at The Village Pharmacy and a secure back-up site for off-site storage.

If you have a health plan for your prescriptions, then information about your prescription medications may be transmitted to the claims adjudicator who may have access to your personal health information. Your consent to this disclosure of personal health information to your health plan is implicit in the request for payment or reimbursement for the prescriptions to the health plan.