The Village Pharmacy offers a range of pharmacy services. When living with HIV, sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The Village Pharmacy has helped hundreds of people just like you take control of your health. From HIV meds checks to customized pill packages for complex medication regimens, The Village Pharmacy is here for you.

Free Delivery Ontario-Wide

If you live in Ontario, we will courier your HIV prescriptions to you at no charge.

Contact us today to set up home delivery. You can expect home delivery of your HIV prescription medications anywhere in Ontario within 24-48 hours for most locations.

Personal Service

The Village Pharmacy still operates like the traditional neighbourhood drugstore. It is owner operated by me, Zahid Somani. I am a University of Toronto trained pharmacist and I have practiced in the field of HIV care since 1995. Not only do you get a trained and experienced pharmacist, you get a team that knows you and what your health needs and personal preferences are. This is a very different experience than you are used to at chain drugstores and big box discounters. You won’t get a different pharmacist working each day of the week. I will know your name and you’ll know mine. I’m here to improve your health and get you the medications and answers you need fast and accurately.

Custom Pill Boxes (Blister Packs)

If you or someone you care about is taking many medications, it can get complicated. Forgetting to take a dose, or even have trouble remembering if you took it that day are common, but potentially dangerous occurrences. At The Village Pharmacy, we’re making it easy to take your medications with a custom pill box (also sometimes referred to as a blister pack) made just for you – giving you the right dose at the right time for the best possible health outcome. Custom pill boxes help simplify how you take your medications – simply pop open the section for the specified day & time, and all the medications you need are at your fingertips. No more struggling with bottle caps and trying to read tiny prescription labels. It’s easy to get started. Just bring in your prescriptions and our Pharmacist will be happy to help.

Online Refill Requests

Click here to submit online refill request.

HIV Meds Check

The Village Pharmacy provides specialized medication management consultations. The pharmacist will sit down with you for 20-30 minutes to discuss how to take your prescription medications properly, discuss common side effects, identify interactions with other medications as well as with vitamins and herbal supplements. Given the importance of taking your HIV medications regularly, the pharmacist may also suggest some techniques and systems to help you take your medications regularly.